EVOServ: EVO Collaborator Mobile & Webmail

An ideal messaging partner for your smartphone

EVO Collaborator Mobile (ECM) is a web-based component within EVOServ. It offers better user experience of self-help when they are about to view or make changes to their account information. To certain extent, it alleviates burden off administrator’s shoulder.

Through ECM web browser interface on their smartphones and mobile pads, users are able to make certain changes for their own mail accounts, make queries on shared contacts, and access both private and public files on the private cloud storage.

Modify mail account settings through smartphone

“Administrators are unlikely to smile if he has to make any mail account change for all users all the time.”

Though Outlook gives users great benefit on sending and receiving e-mail messages, it does not allow you to change password, modify and turn on/off auto-reply, modify auto-forwarding list on server end. It is time for users to change what they are allowed to with delight.

Querying public contacts anytime anywhere

“No matter where you are, use smartphone’s browser to log on ECM and easily query the public address book”

ECM provides query service for authorized users. They can even tap on the search result and dial out. If users turn on GPS feature within ECM on their smartphone, then you are also able to track colleagues’ geological location.

Your own private cloud storage

“ECM has offered 3 storage levels for different purposes: private, department and organization. Users are able to upload or download files on their smartphones.”

You can upload private, department, or domain –sharing files to ECM’s cloud storage. Whoever that has privileges of accessing what you have just uploaded can easily view it so to collaborate on tasks. This feature really enhances efficiency.

Webmail client

“EVOServ provides popular IMAP Webmail client: Roundcube Webmail (GPL license)”

EVOServ contains a pre-configured and working Roundcube Webmail client by default. Moreover, this pre-configured version integrates CardDAV plug-in and password changer plug-in for every user.