EVO Mail Migration: A dedicated mail migration tool for EVO

“Mail migration at a breeze”

EVO Mail Migrate (EMM) is a free mail migration tool from EVO R&D Team. It allows users to duplicate from one mailbox to another. It works like Symantec Ghost.

EMM not only supports typical duplication between two POP3 mailboxes but also supports never-seen-before two IMAP mailboxes with retaining source’s original folder structure, mail flags and attributes.

Unprecedented IMAP mail migration tool

“IMAP mail migration tool ought not to appear to be for free because it only exists in expensive software packages or under UNIX systems. Now, it comes true.”

Through EMM’s IMAP mail migration tool, the source can be Gmail, Exchange or any IMAP mailbox. All folder structures, read flag and replied flag are also copied over.

Customize your mail migration with options

“Sometimes, mail filtering is necessary before moving to a new system and avoid waste of storage space”

EMM allows you to skip copying unnecessary mails to the new mail server. For example, mails earlier than a certain date, mails with size larger than certain size, or mails that have already been marked as spam mails.

EMM is the Ghost utility for duplicating mails

“When you reconstruct your computer system, you most likely need Ghost. When you reconstruct your mailbox on another mail server location, EMM is exactly what you need.”

When dealing with hard disk duplication, Ghost is likely to be the solution. When dealing with CD/DVD duplication, CloneCD is usually deployed. Now, EMM has extended this concept to mailbox migration management.

Assisting you through long and tedious mail migration process

“Mailbox migration does not wrap up in minutes. It may require a long time for tens of thousands mails to move over.”

Within this period of time, network connection may be broken. Therefore, EMM has implemented auto-retry and resume capability. This great feature saves your precious time.